Wednesday, November 30, 2005
One in three Filipinos want to migrate to another country if they had the chance. This was confirmed by the recently released Pulse Asia survey published in INQ7. And this, I believe, is not a case of brain drain but a sign that at least 1 in 3 Filipinos are ready for a radical social change if a true visionary leader will just assume the task of leading this so-called nation despite the legion of vipers waiting in line known euphemistically as traditional politicians.

I am part of that 1/3 who want out. The only biggest stumbling block for me is that I can't bear to leave the country without my wife and kids. So, if I'll go, my family goes with me and that leaves me with no one to send dollars to, thus no way for the vipers to profit from my misery.

Being a hopeless optimist, however, I still see at least 3 things that could make this country back on its feet, assuming it was ever able to stand on its feet in its long colonial history.

in a nutshell they are...


Frankly, I don't see any sign of either of the three becoming a reality.

People need good leaders. Filipino taxpayers deserve better than the likes of Gloria and her minions.
If there are still true leaders around as Michael Tan noted in his column, they better come out of their fiefdom and take their chances but probably not in the rotten system we are in... which brings me to Federalism.

True federalism will make it harder for a pretender in Malacanang to make our lives miserable. It will also make a lot of room for good leaders to shine and outshine and even eclipse a lesser president. It will make heroes of good Governors thereby making a bad president look really bad because the replacement is obvious. This scenario of course will hardly materialize because our politicians are only paying lip-service to the ideals of federalism and instead are really pushing for a parliamentary system where they can prevent the likes of Erap and FPJ from ever gaining a seat.

As for entrepreneurship, this is all very obvious. The globalized economy is designed for entrepreneurs to thrive and win. Right here, people would rather work in Metro Manila or go abroad as employees than start a business. . .

Ouch! I'm already talking about myself... so excuse me, I'll go and research some business possibilities I can get myself into while I'm still hoping for my other 2 ideals to happen.

This country is hopeless. Of course! But this is not excuse enough to leave the country in the hands of the professional politicians.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
I was about to update my blog last Thursday regarding my recent post to happily announce that Bro Eli's name was witheld from the Bureau Of Immigration (BI) watchlist when this item on INQ7's breaking news was published...

Gonzalez orders: Put evangelist Soriano on watch list First posted
06:07pm (Mla time) Nov 10, 2005 By Tetch Torres

JUSTICE Secretary Raul Gonzalez has ordered the Bureau of Immigration (BI)
to put "Ang Dating Daan" (The Old Way) leader Eli Soriano on a watch list.

In a one-page memorandum, Gonzalez ordered Immigration Commissioner Alipio Fernandez to put the TV evangelist on the BI's watch list because of a rape complaint filed against him.

Daniel Veridiano, Soriano's former deputy secretary, lodged a rape
complaint before the Pampanga Prosecutor's Office against Soriano.

The Pampanga Prosecutor's Office requested the Department of Justice to put Soriano on its watch list.

Thanks to INQ7 the news was immediately brought to our attention in the Church of God International. Some of us, myself included, thought the news was stale since the latest development we know of the news was that of the liftingof the watchlist order...

Come Friday night on Ang Dating Daan TV program live over UNTV37 the news was independently confirmed bro Eli Soriano himself and Atty. Batas Mauricio. In the face of the blatant irregularity of the situation surrounding the order, this time by "Justice" Secretary Gonzales himself,Atty. Batas, in exasperation, concluded that "Gonzales may have acted on compulsion by a higher official (read: Gloria ) or some entity with a great political influence (read: INC)." In his personal meeting with Gonzales, Batas said the DOJ Secretary never said anything about anyone making a request to him as was claimed in the INQ7 report. Bro Eli asked Batas if Gonzales may initiate the order "moto propio" and Batas said that can't benoting that the law is very specifically states that no one in government can put anyone on the BI's Watchlist or bar anyone from leaving the country with a Hold Departure Order unless there's already a court case. In this case the alleged case of rape lodged againstbro Eli is still in the preliminary investigation stages. What gives?

Remember that Virgillio Garcilliano, after being accussed by the opposition of brutally raping the electoral laws, was able to freely leave the country because the government refused to put him on the Watchlist or initiate a Hold Departure Order on the pretext that there has yet to be a court case against him.

Political observers in the country don't bother to look deeply into the political undercurrents generated from the religious sidelines.If and when they do, they'll be shocked to learn that a minority religious sect is already running government from within.

Calling on PCIJ! Have you already investigated on how many sensitive posts in government have been given as a political payback to certain religious leaders in exchange for block votes? Have you already asked yourselves questions like "who jumped the gun on the impeachment case and what does his religion got to do with his move"?

When it comes to the issue of the separation of church and state in the Philippines the most proper question to ask is "which church are we talking about?"

A very angry Bro. Eli Soriano finally announced what we in the Church of God International (a.k.a Ang Dating Daan or ADD) have long been waitingto hear. We will all definitely march to Malacanang! This is to peaceably address ourgrievances regarding the persecutions our religious group have been receiving from the Gloria Arroyo government.

The only thing that would make bro Eli backtrack from this statement is IF Gloria listens and order her lieutenants in the judiciary to excercise fairness in hearing the cases filed by Manalo's Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) against him.

As Atty. Batas Mauricio explains, no one can fault brother Eli for resorting to mass protest in the streets now that the government have unfailingly favored the INC in every court casescontested between INC and ADD. Bro Eli do not seek for any special favor from the court.
All he asks for is equal protection of the law. He is ready to fight every court cases hurled against him by his religious detractors in vendetta for his bold biblical expositions.In the case of the INC, bro Eli has publicly challenged Erano Manalo, or any of his official representative, to a public debate telecast live on TV for the whole world to see. Instead of giving a definitive yes or no answer to this challenge, however,the INC leadership resorted to filing every legal case their legal luminaries could come up with.

Bro Eli can take all manner of personal insults by his enemies but its something else when they try to deny him his avowed duty to speak the biblical truth he knows to anyone willing to listen.In this day and age the question of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM is supposedly non-debateable. It has been established long ago that anyone can freely hold his or her religious beliefs so long as he will not force it on anyone else.This truth, apparently, is lost on Gloria especially now that the biggest threat to her presidency are not politicians but prominent religious leaders who are known to have huge following among the masses like bro Eddie Villanueva, Bro Mike Velarde and Minister Manalo.

Having been used to legal harrasments from INC for a very long time what really broke the camel's back was the order by the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) placing bro Eli on a "Watchlist"effectively barring him from travelling abroad to conduct the series of bible expositions planned before the year ends...

"The order placing Mr. Soriano on the BID's watchlist was issued in
violation of the 1987 Constitution's guarantee of every Filipino's right to
travel, as well as of existing BID rules. For one, he was not even given the
opportunity by the prosecutor from San Fernando City to explain why he should
not be placed on the BID's watchlist before a request was made with the BID to
that effect. For another, the BID requirements for placing a person on its
watchlist, promulgated at the time of BID Commissioner Andrea O. Domingo yet,
were not even observed and complied with. But what is more interesting here is
that, the Supreme Court itself has already ruled that the BID cannot, on its
own, issue any orders holding the departure of anyone, unless the Regional Trial
Courts order otherwise. So, what gives, in Mr. Soriano's case? Why did the BID
issue the watchlist order against him in the first place?"
(more on Batasnews Online HERE & HERE)

Religious debates has long been a part of our culture and government should dare not force its hand in it lest it give rise to a bloody outcome.Remember that Jose Rizal's battle was primarily religious as he sought to free Filipinos from the backwardness of the friars' social-religious doctrines in his time. Religious debates are best left to religious debaters, preachers whose battles are waged in their respective pulpits.Leave them accountable to their members. Leave them accountable to God. It is simply not right for a human court to decide whichreligious doctrine and religious group is right.

Publicly known to boast of the electoral support the INC gave her, Gloria is a naturalsuspect to payback her political dues to Manalo, including possibly bro Eli's head on a silver plate.Our church's security department has for a time been receiving reports from our Muslim informants in Mindanaothat there are people trying to recruit a killer to murder bro Eli Soriano and bro Daniel Razon our vice-Presiding Minister who is also a popular TV news personality.

Before any of these killing can happen, rest assured that we the members will march to Malacanang to fight for our religious rights. Our only politics is religious freedom. Our being a minority group does not necessarily make us impotent. Although we don't sell our votes in exchange of political favors we do matter and Gloria better take note. We are a peace-loving group of people. The bible forbids us to take vengeance into our own hands. We are only asserting our rights, which were ours since birth, the right to believe in God, the right to propagate our faith, the right to be treated equal under the law as with any other people with a different faith.

In the end, Gloria, vengeance is the Lord's... and we have God's word for it in the holy bible.