Saturday, February 25, 2006
Defiance in the face of arrogance.

The Arroyo administration was on a verge of self-destruction friday when it decided to yield to its lust for emergency power.

Again, it blamed everybody but itself for all that ails Philippine society. She had, indeed, little choice in this shame game she herself authored when she decided not to heed the people's call for her to resign. Now she only has wolves for company and don't subscribe to reasons beyond her own political existence.

All her spinsters hail her as a survivor but they miscalculate her victories. Each time she seemingly succeeds the people power consensus only solidifies even more and gathers strength to fight another day.

The declaration of a state of national emergency was a very very desperate move. It shows that Gloria is would rather drag the country into a civil war than make the supreme sacrifice and resign. Erap had so much more decency and respect for the Filipino people than that.

But all fun and games come to an end and so will her's. She has just pulled up one of her last cards and her poker face begins to crack.

I saw the soft-spoken professor Randy David a bit teary-eyed whle being arrested without warrant by an officer whom he though was a friend. That's how every Pinoy felt. Betrayed in broad daylight.

By the way, where on earth is Fidel puffing heavily all this time? Was he waiting for another dramatic entrance for the Marlborough Man?